Monday, June 3, 2019

Wildlife Management Specialist - Howard County Recreation and Parks

This position would be a Contingent Worker in the Natural Resources Conservation section of the Natural and Historic Resources Division (NHRD).  The individual would be responsible for assisting the Deer Program Manager in operating the Managed Hunt and Sharpshooting programs, assisting with deer research projects, and monitoring the Four-Post Feeder tick pesticide applicator devices. The individual would also be responsible for assisting in other wildlife management related work, including Canada goose management.

Duties include, but are not limited to the following:

Managed Hunt Program duties include
Prior to the managed hunt season duties include assisting with tree stand installation, trail maintenance, obtaining GPS coordinates of stand sites, and office work related to planning managed hunts.
During the managed hunt season duties will include, checking hunters in at managed hunts in various parks, recording arrival, stand site assignment, checking equipment, manning check station during the hunt, patrolling the safety zones to observe deer movement and watch for improper public access, interacting with the public, assisting hunters with retrieving harvested deer, tracking injured deer, measuring and recording biological data on harvested deer, keeping accurate records and interacting with participating hunters.

Sharpshooting Program duties include
Assisting in pre-season planning, tree stand installation, baiting and equipping of sharpshooting stand sites, securing site access during operations, interacting with the public, spotting for shooters, evisceration of deer collecting and processing deer, recording deer biological data as outlined in the sharpshooting procedural manual, and transporting deer to the deer processor.

Four-post feeder Project duties include
Assisting in the placement and weekly monitoring of four-post feeders devices. This entails, cleaning and inspecting the devices prior to their installation, transporting devices to treatment sites, returning once a week to assess how much they have been used and replacing bait as necessary. After training, and under the supervision of the Deer Program Manager, applying tickicide chemical to the devices according to label specifications. Technician will also be responsible for completing and filing chemical application records after each application.

Research Project duties include
Assisting with the ongoing or future research projects that are conducting by Howard County or with outside agencies.


  • High School Diploma or GED, completion of post-secondary education, or enrollment in an undergraduate curriculum in natural resource management, forestry or wildlife management.
  • Experience in Microsoft Office products, including word and excel
  • Background in wildlife management
  • Experience in collecting, analyzing, and reporting statistical data
  • Firearms experience or familiarity
  • Experience with hunting and collecting biological data from hunter harvests

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