Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Adjunct Faculty, Ocean Sustainability, Environmental Science and Policy Program-Johns Hopkins University

Online Position Available

The Advanced Academic Programs (AAP) unit of the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences seeks adjunct faculty to teach in the areas of ocean stewardship and sustainability. A telecommute position is available for an online instructor. As the nation’s oldest and one of the most prestigious research universities, Johns Hopkins offers high-quality master’s degrees and post-baccalaureate education to students located in the greater Baltimore and Washington, D.C. regions and throughout the United States and abroad.

The Advanced Academic Programs division provides high-quality master’s degrees and post-baccalaureate education to students in the mid-Atlantic region and online. AAP currently offers master’s degrees and graduate certificate programs for graduate students at its Washington, DC Center as well as in Montgomery County and Baltimore, MD, and online. AAP enrolls more than 3000 part-time graduate students and is looking to aggressively grow its programs.

We invite applications to fill an opening for a non-tenure-track, adjunct teaching position. The adjunct faculty will teach one or more courses per year in the following topics in an online format.

The following fields are preferred:

Ocean Stewardship and Sustainability

Our oceans represent the final frontier of human exploration and discovery on Earth. Indeed, we have a greater understanding of the moon's surface than we do of the depths below the ocean’s surface. Although oceans are home to an extraordinary amount of biodiversity, over 95% of the ocean remains unexplored and over 90% of species have yet to be classified.

What we do know, however, is that our oceans are under significant threat for human activities and a growing global population. Overfishing, plastic pollution, ocean warming and acidification threaten to undermine the ability of the ocean to sustain global systems that are critical for sustaining life on Earth. Indeed, the ocean produces half the planet’s oxygen, absorbs a quarter of all carbon dioxide emissions, feeds 3 billion people, and contributes $3 trillion per year to the global economy.

This course will examine how to protect our oceans, in order to reduce pollution, restore and protect marine and coastal ecosystems, minimize ocean acidification, end overfishing and illegal harvesting, revitalize fish stocks, advance sustainable fishing practices, preserve endangered species, strengthen the rule of domestic and international law, promote innovation in ocean governance, and increase scientific knowledge, research and technology that supports ocean health.

This course provides a holistic and systems-based view of how the ocean functions, human interactions with those functions and innovative policies and sustainable solutions to environmental problems stemming from those interactions.


The ideal candidate will have an advanced degree in a relevant field such as oceanography, marine sciences, or fisheries management, with a master’s degree being a minimum, but a Ph.D. preferred. Teaching experience, especially online and with professional students, and work experience within the relevant science fields are also desired. A successful candidate would ideally be able to begin teaching in August 2019. College-level teaching experience is required and a proven record of effective online teaching and familiarity with Blackboard (or a similar learning management system) are strong advantages. The applicant should also have the background to teach a wide variety of courses in the greater environment and sustainability science/policy fields.

Application Instructions

The position will remain open until filled; however, for best consideration please apply by July 1, 2019. Submit the following: (a) a cover letter; (b) curriculum vitae; (c) list of 3 references with names, titles, institutions, email addresses, and telephone numbers, and (d) end-of-semester student evaluations for any two courses taught recently. The selected candidate will be expected to undergo a background check and to submit proof of educational attainment.

Submit your application online only at and clicking the "Apply Now" button.

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