Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Ocean Forecast System Intern - Silver Spring, MD

Position Description
Coast Survey modelers provide forecast guidance of oceanographic information to help mariners safely navigate their local waters. This national network of hydrodynamic models provides users with operational now-cast and forecast guidance (out to 48 hours) on parameters such as water levels, water temperature, salinity, and currents. These forecast systems are implemented in critical ports, harbors, estuaries, Great Lakes, and coastal waters of the United States and form a national backbone of real-time data, tidal predictions, data management, and operational modeling.

Required Skills
0 - 2 years of experience in computer programming. Must have a strong academic record in math, physics, engineering, or other relevant disciplines, computer programming experience, scientific curiosity and the ability to work independently and then communicate results of work out to groups. Must have the ability to work in a team environment.

BS or undergraduate or graduate student with advanced math (calculus, linear algebra, computational methods), science (physics, ocean and atmospheric science, fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, and/or engineering), and programming (esp. Matlab and/or Python; any other experience is valuable).

The intern will develop skill assessments and visualization tools for the US West Coast Ocean Forecast System (WCOFS). The intern will learn about aspects of physical oceanography and numerical modeling used to predict sea level, transports, temperature and other oceanic variables and apply these concepts during development.

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