Friday, April 12, 2019

Summer Internship - Big Island Farms

During this internship program students gets to experience and study most of the micro climates available on this island. After many years of allowing the natural ecosystems to re-establish themselves and create a biodynamic ecology the team began this mission to establish a unique experiential education program. Mulching tropical grasses that, at times, reach seven to ten feet high, they have reclaimed the orchards and farmlands replenishing and protecting the soils, establishing new gardens and reinvigorating the orchards along the way. The team coalesces around a shared vision of sustainability, community, and the desire to understand how to live off the land through a process of discovering the deeper rooted connections that we all share within the holistic connection of organic permaculture. They are searching for like-minded individuals who they can share their knowledge with and who can also leave their mark at Big Island Farms.

Through their interdisciplinary education model, which incorporates classes, tangible hands-on experience, expeditions and guest speakers, students will actively pursue their passions, learn to broaden their worldviews, and work towards a more sustainable lifestyle.

Come be an active participant in a progressive learning environment and expand your horizons through the Big Island Farms Internship Program! They are currently accepting applications for Summer 2019 and beyond. Internship spots are limited, hurry to APPLY NOW.
Check out their website to see full program details

Please email them at for details. 

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