Tuesday, April 23, 2019

AGNR Peer Mentor

Responsibilities: The main responsibility of AGNR Peer Mentors is to assist AGNR undergraduate students with everyday campus issues, such as advising, registration, and more. During office hours, you will have walk-in appointments with students in the college. You will help them become familiar with registration procedures (Testudo), assist them with the preparation of their 4-year academic plan, and explain their progress toward degree benchmarks. You will work with students in subsequent semesters to pre-select courses and build tentative schedules, print academic audits, and otherwise prepare for their regular faculty advising appointments. You may be asked to refer students to various campus services (e.g. Learning Assistance, Career Center, or tutoring services). Peer Mentors will assist the AGNR Academic Programs Office with other tasks associated with student services and support, such as answering phones, filing records and assisting individuals who walk into the main office. Peer Mentors may also serve as teaching assistants for AGNR sections of UNIV100 during the fall semester.
Qualifications: a) 45- 65 cumulative credits (excluding AP) with at least 2 semesters enrolled in an AGNR major b) GPA of 3.0 or higher c) enrolled as a full-time student in AGNR. Additionally, we seek applicants who are "engaged" in one or more other aspects of university life; (study abroad, research, internships, organizations, sports) we want students who know how to manage time and make the best of all that UMD has to offer!
Compensation: You will be paid for 4 hours/week each term. You will also find this experience immensely satisfying as you help new students find their way in our large university. You will establish new relationships with both students and faculty/administrators in the college (good source of reference letters when you are ready to apply for graduate school, professional school, or that first job). As a Peer Mentor and UNIV100 TA (if you choose to participate in this experience) you will develop leadership skills as you contribute to the building of a course syllabus and participate actively in the teaching program. The service will stand out on your resume.
Date Available: The position begins August 26th, with a training session to be scheduled approximately 1 week prior

For more information about the position, please contact:
Heather Buchanan
0107 Symons Hall

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