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10 HIV symptoms to watch out for in women – Guys, see how to know if she’s HIV positive

In the United States, about two out of every three new cases of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infections in women are due to unprotected sexual intercourse with an infected partner, according to the Illinois Department of Public Health. Sharing infected needles for drug use is another leading cause.
Early symptoms of HIV infection may be mild and easily unnoticed and dismissed. Unfortunately, even without noticeable symptoms, an infected person can still pass the virus on to others. Read on to learn some common symptoms of HIV in women.
Early Symptoms Can Be Fleeting
In the early weeks after becoming infected with HIV, it is not uncommon for women to be asymptomatic. Some may have mild flu-like symptoms, including fever, headache, and lack of energy. Often, these symptoms go away within a few weeks.
In some cases, it may take as many as ten years for more severe symptoms to appear. During this time, the virus can still be transmitted from one person to another.
1.Swollen Glands

Man Holds Cigarette & Smokes With His Leg, Removes His Cap With His Leg (Photos)

This man has amazed social media users with his ability to do things with his legs, feet and toes.  In a video shared online, the man was seen holding cigarette and smoking it with his leg.  He so removed his cap from his head with his leg and fanned himself with the cap still using his leg.  Social media users who were amazed by the man’s talent have these to say….  Watch the shocking video

3 Quick Ways For Natural Teeth Whitening

our teeth are some of the first things people notice; they’re a sign of health as well as confidence.
Well, what the best way to whiten your teeth? In fact there are many tips and recommendations on how to whiten your teeth naturally, but we will present three of them, which are considered to be among the best.
Lemon juice and orange peel
Take an orange peel and rub your teeth. Do this about 4-5 minutes. Finally add a few drops of lemon juice. This procedure can be repeated maximum of 3-4 times a month, because it still has lemon acid that can damage the tooth enamel.
With strawberries
This method uses a long way and has a great effect. For this purpose it is necessary to squash a few strawberries until they become like a paste. You should wash your teeth 2 times a week to achieve the necessary result. Then once a month is enough.
With apple cider vinegar
The apple cider vinegar mixed with a little baking soda and the resulting mixture is washed teeth. With this also should not be exagg…

8 Mistakes That Damage Your Kidneys- Must See

The kidneys are one of the most important organs in the body which work tirelessly to clean the blood of toxins and excess fluids . Although vital for our overall health, we rarely pay much attention to the health of our kidneys. According to experts, we all make certain mistakes which can significantly damage our kidneys. Here are the 8 habits that are hurting the organ: Insufficient water intake According to experts, you should drink 6-8 glasses every day to keep our kidneys working properly. The organ drains metabolic waste from the body and balances the red blood cells, which can impair the renal blood circulation. If they’re not working properly, the kidneys won’t be able to remove toxins from the body, which will eventually accumulate and cause quite a lot of damage. Not going to pee when you need to Whenever you feel the need to pee, you should visit the bathroom immediately. Not peeing when you need to go can put too much unnecessary pressure on your kidneys and impair their …

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20 Things a guy shouldn’t do or ask when he meets a Lady 1. Men shouldn’t look at their phones more than the Lady while on a date 2. don’t Talk about your Bank account or how much your father has ; this puts ladies off (Bragging) 3. Smelling Bad ( Mouth or Body Odour is a No. No) 4. Don’t ask ” are you a v!rgin?” 5. Don’t ask her how many guys she’s been with (Body Count) 6. If she’s going to pay for the movie or dinner let her know in advance ( no unexpected ATM failures, I forgot my wallet at home) 7. When your phone rings on a date and you’re asked where you are? Don’t give a degrading response eg (I dey with that big ass babe, I dey with tolu big Breasts, I dey with that weekend chops I teh u about 8. Don’t insist on a “come to my house first date” or come to my friends house first date 9. Don’t leave your date to talk to another Lady for more that 2 minutes 10. Don’t buy her too many gifts she may think ure trying to “buy” her 11.  If for any reason someone else needs to be in th…

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1. What’s the dirtiest thought you’ve ever had about a total stranger? 2. Do you prefer sex at night, in the morning, mid-afternoon, or NOW? 3. What’s your favorite way to be seduced? 4. What’s the dirtiest fantasy you’ve had at work? 5. How would you dominate your boss sexually if given the chance? 6. What do you do when you get horny in public? 7. Have you ever masturbated in a public bathroom? 8. What’s the weirdest thing you’ve thought about while touching yourself? 9. What’s the strangest prop you’ve used to get yourself off? 10. Do you remember the first time you felt aroused? 11. Who gave you your first orgasm? 12. Do you remember what that first orgasm felt like? 13. Have you ever had sex with someone whose name you never knew? 14. What’s your favorite thing about a quickie? 15. What the most sexually daring thing you’ve ever done? 16. Have you ever fantasized about fucking one of your teachers? 17. Do you ever mentally strip strangers just for kicks? 18. And then imagine, in dirty detail, wha…